Welcome to Cow Cookie Jar

Cow Cookie Jar is your home for everything cow. If you want it and we dont have it well you really dont need it. Now do you?


Where was I? Oh yeah to tell you the truth a Cookie just tastes better out of a Cow Cookie Jar. I guess it is the cows relationship to the milk.

You can find the cow cookie jars in any different styles from old fashioned cows to the latest more modern cows. I prefer the cartoon looking cow cookie jars. I have even seen one jar that mooed when you lifted the lid.

In addition to cookie jars we also have Cow Decor for your home from cow mirrors to cow what nots to lie around on your tables and such. Hey they look pretty good to me. And I dont have to dust your house now do I?

My wife is real big on cows how else do you think I wound up with a website about cows?

Be sure to check out the Cow clocks if you have ever looked for a Neon Cow clock well you have come to the right place. I have one on my wall in the den you might as well have one on yours.

Now if you ask me if you are gonna collect cow cookie jars you might as well collect Cow Banks as well. Might as well have some place to store your money while you are keeping the cookies fresh. Just makes good thinking to me. But what do I know?

Now since you have got a cow cookie jar, a little cow decor, a cow clock on the wall, and a cow bank holding all of your money. Well isnt it time to decorate with a little Cow Kitchen?

Well at least if your lucky she wont want to put a cow in the back yard.

Oh yeah I almost forgot here is the place she got my birthday present where else but Cow T Shirts. Whats a country boy to do?